Every year on the first Saturday of May, people flock to comic book stores to get their hands on the comics released exclusively for Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately, usually these comics don’t really feature cats. (This year there’s an exception, and I highly recommend you pick up Grumpy Cat’s comic today!) So in honor of the holiday, here are 4 comics you should check out that feature our feline friends (and most of them are free everyday!) :


Frankie Comics

Frankie Comics is an online comic strip that tells stories based on the experiences of artist Rachel Dukes and her cat Frankie. Set entirely in reality, these stories are relatable with adorable artistry, yet still paint a great picture of the individual that is Frankie the cat. (Warning: If you read these, you will fall in love with her.)

Though it hasn’t been updated recently, there are still plenty of strips to see at frankiecomics.com and that you can purchase here (along with a cute Frankie plush of your own!)



Cat Versus Human

Another completely relatable comic strip, this one is also about a woman and her many cats. The comic is actually slightly less focused on just how cute the cats are (though they are indeed cute) and more on how far we humans go in our love for them. It’s a mix of funny, painfully true, and really adorable.

The site’s content is updated fairly regularly, and, with years of strips, can provide you with a lot of entertainment. You can view it online or buy it on Amazon (and many other retailers)



Doctor Cat


Doctor Cat is an online comic series that tells the story of the world’s most adorable doctor: A talking cat. (Also sometimes featured: The world’s cutest lawyer.) These comics are not simple strips that end after a few frames, but instead have stories that continue for a few weeks at a time. It’s fun to follow along and see the mishaps and adventures that can happen when a feline also has a medical license.

The stories have ended (for now), but there are four years of comics to catch up on (and re-read again and again) on their website. (Though the comics aren’t for sale, you can buy a cute plush and other merch in their shop!)



Pet Noir

(Kymera Press)

Pet Noir is a narrative story that follows Leon, an enhanced cat that can talk and solves crimes. Let me say it again: The cat solves crimes. If that isn’t the best idea for a comic, then I don’t know what is. Having read the first issue myself, I can tell that the story does not disappoint. The artistry in the comic itself is both beautiful and adorable (as cats often are), making this a joy to both see and read.

Released only as an actual book, his is the only comic on the list that cannot be viewed online. While there’s only one issue currently available, I just got word that issue #2 will be available soon! To gain a copy (and you want a copy), contact them via their website.


So while you’re reading your free comics, don’t forget to check these ones out, too! (And pick up a copy Grumpy Cat’s comic while you’re out today!)

Are there any cat comics we missed? Let us know in the comments below!

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