It’s seems appropriate that a film called “A Cat in Paris” would feature a lot of the cat. And true to its name, the cat (Dino) is in almost every scene. There are a few moments here and there when the cat is not present, but those moments seem to go by quickly in this feature. While Dino is not always central to the current action, it still remains as the one thing that interweaves the characters paths and makes the story happen at all.

The relationship between the daughter in the film (Zoe) and Dino is sweet. It’s pleasant to watch and will likely make you want to snuggle up with your own kitty. Dino is protective and is very brave when it comes to taking care of Zoe, which makes it easy to like the cat.

The movie only gets a three in quality for two reasons: The first is that Dino can sometimes be a little bit of a jerk. It’s rude to a dog, and (spoiler alert!) seems to like robbing from people. However, most of its worst behavior is aimed towards bad guys and is used for good, making it ultimately a pretty good kitty. The second reason it gets a three is for the violence shown towards the cat: A woman tries to vacuum up the cat, and a man swings the cat by its tail. Fortunately, these moments are really brief, which means it gets to keep its three rating.


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