Mewvie Reviews came from my two favorite things: Movies and cats. Cats in the media were always a delight for me. Finding celebrities and artists who shared that love was fun. But the ultimate joy came from films and television themselves. Watching a film and discovering that there was a feline featured instantly improved the movie for me.

This love developed into a desire to find movies with cats in them, and to know which movies had the best and cutest of cats. Upon searching the internet, a few sites were found that mentioned movies that contained cats, but none gave a simple explanation to the latter desire. How are we to know which movies are best to watch while in a mood to see cats??

I decided to create the solution to the problem.


How the Ratings Works

The ratings on this site range between 1/2 to 4 paws, with 4 paws being the best cat movies ever. A film’s rating is based on the cat content of a movie, which is the average of two factors: Quantity and Quality.

The quantity rating is simple: How many cats are in a movie? How often is the cat on screen? The more cats are a part of the film, the higher the quantity rating.

The quality rating is a little more complex. This rating answers an entirely different set of questions: How is the cat portrayed? Is the cat in scary, sad, or tense situations? Does the cat do adorable things? Do characters in the film treat the cat nicely or rudely?

All of these factors combine to make a movie’s quality rating.
Consequently, a movie can have total opposite ratings in each category. If a cat is freakin’ adorable, but only in one scene, the movie will have a quality rating of 4 paws, but a quantity rating of 1/2 paws. These two ratings would be averaged into one, making the movies final rating 2.25 paws.

So, now that you understand how it works, start figuring out which mewvie you want to see!