(Note: This film may also be known as “Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging”)

This movie has a very cute cat, the titular Angus. If you like peke-faced cats in costumes, there are many scenes in this movie that you will talk about long after you’ve seen it. The cat goes for walks on a leash (the only part of the movie that may be hard to watch is when they temporarily lose the cat on one of these walks), and at one point has its likeness appear on a T-shirt. Pretty sure this cat is my top ten favorite cats on screen (if not of all time).

The only flaw in this movie are the lengthy portions of cat-less teen drama. Since his name is the first word in the title, these moments can linger on long enough to make you wonder, “but where’s the cat? What is Angus doing while this is happening?” A few more little scenes interspersed would have fixed this, but it is still an enjoyable film for all of its cat moments.

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