If you’re a fan of cats, this movie likely will appeal to you simply from the name itself. And it does not disappoint. Each cat is fun to watch, and each is such an individual that no matter what kind of cat you have, you’re likely to find one that matches the kind you like. The cats get a 4 for this, since they are so cute. Though they are in a little bit of peril (which makes this verge on being a 3.5), it somehow doesn’t feel too scary.

The only disappointing part of the film are moments between dogs and criminals that last a little too long, and this one weird tangent involving geese. For being titled “Aristocats,” you’ll find yourself wishing there was a little bit more focus on the kitties. For this reason, it receives only a 3.5 in quantity. However, there are an abundance of cats in the film, and when they’re on screen, it’s always fun to watch.

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