If you want a more mature film with a strong feline presence, this is the one to see. This movie gets the rating it does mainly for one reason: We’re counting Catwoman as a cat. If you are unfamiliar with this sequel to the original Batman movie, it’s important that you know that Catwoman is not only a prominent player in the movie, but a good representation of cats as well. She’s got sophistication, sass, and the ability to get herself into trouble. Don’t be surprised if, while watching her, you find yourself saying, “that’s exactly what my cat would do!”

This movie also has an abundance of cats. We’re talking dozens. Are they featured prominently? Not usually. But they all show up in one scene fairly early on. The scene is possibly suppose to come across as unsettling (and to some degree it is), but as a cat fan, it is just fun to watch all of the cats coming together. Throughout the film, even though the rest of the cats have gone back to their alleys, we still get a consistent cat presence in Miss Kitty. She belongs to Selina Kyle, the woman who transforms into Catwoman. While Selina has abandoned a lot of her old life, she holds onto Miss Kitty, making her a wonderful feline sidekick (that still stays mostly out of danger).

This movie would get a higher rating in quality, but for one reason: The first cat we see (a very fluffy one, to which I’m personally disposed) seemingly comes to an unpleasant end. At the very least, it suffers some dreadful abuse. It’s an (intentionally) uncomfortable scene to have to watch through. But with the rest of the movie so full of cats, it’s easy to forget that one scene and feel satisfied as a feline fan at the end of this film.

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