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While Big Hero 6 is about a group of friends who use science to form a band of super heroes, there is something else in the city of San Fransokyo that might catch the viewers attention: Cats.

The cats in the movie, while each having brief occurrences, remain consistent throughout. (That is, until the end of the movie, where their appearances diminish as the action increases.) This movie only gets a two for quantity, because these cats are not seen in most of the film, and may leave someone wondering when they will see the cat next. However, cats are trickled throughout the movie like a nice garnish: A (unharmed & cute) cat in a science lab. There’s a frequented cafe titled the “Lucky Cat Cafe” with decorations to match. Of course, the kitty highlight in the movie, is Mochi.

Mochi is the protagonist’s family cat. The animation of the movie makes the cat particularly cute, though its actions well add to it. Mochi can be seen rubbing protagonist Hiro’s leg or being snuggled by Baymax, the lovable inflatable bot. (Bonus if you can find the great picture of Mochi dressed as Stitch!) Everything Mochi does is exceptionally adorable, and between that cat and all of the other felines, this movie would easy get a four. However, there is one moment when Hiro is a little unkind to Mochi, preventing this from being completely positive for kitties.

If you’re looking for an action family film that has a hint of feline, this is definitely an enjoyable one. No cat fan will be disappointed in this film, as long as they know they will be wishing there was a little more Mochi.

Have you seen the film? Did you think there could have been more cats? Let us know in the comments below!

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