Image of Mittens from the movie BoltRating: 3 Paws Total; 3 Paws Quality; 3 Paws Quantity
While the movie may be named after a dog, we all know the real star is Mittens the cat. I suppose you could say the film is about Bolt, a dog who believes he has super powers (but they’re actually just faked for the TV show on which he stars). However, there would be no progress without Mittens, the cat off the street and the voice of reason among wacky characters. She is stubborn and savvy, and pushes Bolt to face realities she accepted long before he was in her life.

This movie gets a fairly high rating, for Mittens is in almost the entire film. It’s important to note, however, that you do have to wait almost a third of the film for her to arrive. While you’re waiting, you will briefly encounter two other cats, so there is still some cat for the first portion. Once you hit the thirty minute mark, there’s plenty of Mittens to enjoy throughout the movie.

Mittens is a complex cat. She’s got a lot of attitude, and is a bit of a pessimist. Yet, she’s still endearing enough, still pleasant enough, to warrant a 3 for quality. It helps that she has her reasons for her negativity – a sad backstory, and some characters within the film treating her unkindly. She’s still a fun cat to watch, a pleasant addition to the movie with a conclusion satisfying enough to please the cat fan in the crowd.

She may, I daresay, leave you wanting to adopt another cat.

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