While we spend most of our time rating cat movies of both the past and present, most of them tend to be on DVD. Meanwhile, you might be wanting to see a cat on the big screen. What are you to do?
We still want to help. Because we love cats you can see in the movie theaters, too, here’s a comprehensive list of all of the cat films you could see this year.


Keanu (Out now)

About the movie: A man finds a kitten and instantly falls in love with it, but trouble occurs when a local gang breaks into the man’s house and kidnaps the kitten. The man and his friend adopt “gangsta” personas, infiltrating the gang to bring the kitten home.

Expected cat treatment: This kitten is C U T E (it’s easy to see why the protagonist adores this cat!), and is clearly very loved by its owner who is willing to risk his life to rescue the kitty. Although the trailer shows that the cat may be surrounded by danger (gun fire, etc), everyone in the movie wants possession of this cat, so we don’t expect any harm to come to it. Oh, and did we mention they dress it up as a gangsta kitty? Absolutely adorable.


The BFG (July 1st)

About the movie: An orphan girl befriends a giant and together they set out on an adventure to stop evil giants who have been invading the human world.

Expected cat treatment: We don’t expect the cat to feature prominently in this film, but if the trailer is any indication, it will be positively adorable in its short time on screen!


The Secret Life of Pets (July 8th)

About the movie: A dog’s life is changed when his owner brings home a new dog. A rivalry begins between the dogs, but they have to learn to put their differences behind them and work together after they are mistakenly taken by animal control and moved far from home.

Expected cat treatment: This film appears to feature many cats, though only one cat in the main group of characters (as opposed to several dogs). Though this movie does seem to have some negative cat stereotypes (cats that don’t care, seem villainous etc), from the trailer it does not appear that cats are necessarily shown in a negative light. A cat is one of the protagonist dog’s best friends, and joins the group who go to save him. The trailer briefly shows cats acting in silly, true-to-life ways. We expect cat lovers to enjoy their portrayal in this film.


Nine Lives (August 5th)

About the movie: A man excels in his business, but sacrifices his relationships with his wife and daughter. He goes to a mysterious pet shop to buy a cat as a last-minute gift for his daughter’s birthday, and soon finds himself trapped inside the cat’s body. He has one week to reconnect with his family or he will have to stay a cat forever.

Expected cat treatment: Although the main character “hates” cats, the daughter clearly loves the cat, and this movie appears to be made with cat fans in mind. For comedic affect, the cat is put in humiliating-but-not-harmful situations (getting a bath, having a bow put in his hair, etc). Because the cat is also supposed to be “human”, he is sometimes computer manipulated to do more human-like things (pull-ups, for example) and does not appear to always act like a typical cat. Still, there’s no denying that this is a cute, fluffy cat!


The Wild Life (September 9th)

About the movie: A group of animals live happily together on a tropical island. One day, a human named Robinson Crusoe is shipwrecked on the island, and the lives of the animals are changed as they embark on a new adventure: learning to survive with their human friend.

Expected cat treatment: The cats in this film do not appear to be shown in a positive light. The cats are the bad guys who want to take over the island. The trailer shows the cats being attacked and also attacking the animal “heroes” (cartoon violence only). Cat lovers may not appreciate the portrayal of cats in this film.


Which of these movies are you looking forward to seeing? Do you think we missed one that should be on the list? Let us know in the comments below!

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