This film noir classic features a lot of talk about cats and a lot of visual of cats both large and small. The plot centers around a Serbian immigrant woman, Irena, who thinks if she kisses a man or feels any strong emotion she will turn into a killer cat. She nevertheless marries an American man and spends the first part of the movie trying not to turn into a cat and the rest of it happily stalking and killing people as a cat.

Big cats are frequently shown in the movie in cages at a zoo where Irena likes to hang out. They’re portrayed as neither good nor bad, though the zoo custodian says the panther is evil. Small cats, however, are always shown in a good light. They’re friendly and frequently petted, and also warn people when an evil cat person is around.

Since the cat people are not actually cats but some misfit hybrids, their portrayal as evil shouldn’t offend any cat lovers. And as far the regular cats, the only offensive piece is at the beginning where statuette in Irena’s house shows a King John holding a cat skewered on a sword. Since the cat is supposed to represent his ridding the kingdom of the evil cat people, it shouldn’t offend, but it looks like a regular cat so close your eyes for that part! Other than that, the scenes of real kitties will make you say “Aww!”

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