The San Diego Cat Show, officially titled “Food and Water Bowl XXV,” held January 28th and 29th, hosted more than 450 cats from all over the United States. It is touted as the largest cat show in the Western U.S. The competitions for Best of Show featured more than 40 different CFA breeds as well… Read More

Written by Carianne Steinman San Diego Comic-Con is coming up this week. The large gathering is full of exclusive goodies and previews for comics, games, television, and movies. It describes itself as a “celebration of popular arts,” and anyone who goes can confirm this is true. Like any gathering involving the pop culture, cats are… Read More

Every year on the first Saturday of May, people flock to comic book stores to get their hands on the comics released exclusively for Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately, usually these comics don’t really feature cats. (This year there’s an exception, and I highly recommend you pick up Grumpy Cat’s comic today!) So in honor of… Read More