The film “Rock Dog” centers around a hero-worshipped rock ’n roll cat named Angus Scattergood. Some people might try to tell you that the movie’s star is the title character, a Tibetan Mastiff named Bodi who wants to join a rock band and rock out like his idol, Angus. They would be wrong. While Bodi… Read More

The quality of this film – concerning cats and otherwise – should be easy to recognize from the pun-tastic title. This Christmas movie is all about the kittens. When Santa becomes incapacitated, it’s up to three kittens to transport all of the presents to the right homes – and boy, do they deliver. Everything about… Read More

Hocus Pocus is a difficult one to pin down for a review. In a sense, there isn’t really a cat in the movie. Instead, there is a boy who, by the witches in the film, gets turned into a cat. However, he is played by a real cat for most of the scenes in the… Read More

With a name like “Catwoman,” you probably expect the film to have some cats. I’m here to tell you that this movie does not disappoint. From the very beginning to the final scene, cats are dispersed throughout the film. The introduction to the film – over which the credits roll – can often be a… Read More

(photo source: Some movies just get cats right. The attitude, the matching walk, as well as the playfulness and the love cats have for their people. These films are likely made by cat people, the ones who understand the strange dynamic between feline and their human companion. Then there are other movies that get… Read More

“That Darn Cat!” is a movie for every cat lover. It begins by following the cat, a beautiful chocolate point siamese with bright blue eyes, prowling around his neighborhood, taunting a dog in one yard, stealing food after sneaking into the next house. One place he wanders into happens to be the apartment of two… Read More

I’ve never met a film more difficult to review. Most movies make it obvious – the cat is featured a lot or a little, it’s treated well or very poorly. Manglehorn is different, and as such is more difficult to judge. I’ve currently given it a solid three, but with more reflection this may change.… Read More

(photo source: While Big Hero 6 is about a group of friends who use science to form a band of super heroes, there is something else in the city of San Fransokyo that might catch the viewers attention: Cats. The cats in the movie, while each having brief occurrences, remain consistent throughout. (That is,… Read More

This is more than just a good Christmas movie: This is a good cat movie. I like to think of the film as the story of Ambrose and Queenie – two adorable cats – as told through the eyes of their humans, Zachary and Marilee. On a surface level, it is another romantic comedy made… Read More

If you only see one Christmas movie starring a cat, this is a good one. It’s easy to predict that a movie starring “Grumpy Cat” (real name: Tardar Sauce) will be pretty darn cute, but the actual product is probably better than you expected. Without even mentioning the general fun of the movie itself, Grumpy… Read More