While the movie may be named after a dog, we all know the real star is Mittens the cat. I suppose you could say the film is about Bolt, a dog who believes he has super powers (but they’re actually just faked for the TV show on which he stars). However, there would be no… Read More

Inside Llewyn Davis, a movie that follows a musician through a week of his life, is a complicated film to rate concerning cats. The second scene of the film features a cat heavily, waking up Llewyn as he sleeps on a friend’s couch. Then, when Llewyn opens the door, the cat escapes. (It’s a clear… Read More

The first image you see in this movie is a gray and white cat. The cat is sitting on the top of a fence post, watching a man dressed all in black cutting the fence wire as a dog barks on the other side. Natalie, a 14-year-old girl is moving to a new town with… Read More

Mary Adler may be the “Gifted” child at the center of the story, but Fred is the real gift of this film. Who is Fred, you ask? He’s Mary’s one-eyed feline companion and delightful addition to this drama. Fred is adorable, it’s true, but he is also so much more. The cat is magnificently intertwined… Read More

Warning: Seeing “Kedi” may make you want to go to Istanbul. This film a documentary of the city, where you, as the viewer, get to travel around and meet many of its residence. Most of the locals you encounter, however, are cats. The people you see are there to talk about the cats. This movie… Read More

The quality of this film – concerning cats and otherwise – should be easy to recognize from the pun-tastic title. This Christmas movie is all about the kittens. When Santa becomes incapacitated, it’s up to three kittens to transport all of the presents to the right homes – and boy, do they deliver. Everything about… Read More

Hocus Pocus is a difficult one to pin down for a review. In a sense, there isn’t really a cat in the movie. Instead, there is a boy who, by the witches in the film, gets turned into a cat. However, he is played by a real cat for most of the scenes in the… Read More

With a name like “Catwoman,” you probably expect the film to have some cats. I’m here to tell you that this movie does not disappoint. From the very beginning to the final scene, cats are dispersed throughout the film. The introduction to the film – over which the credits roll – can often be a… Read More

(image source: http://gallery.raccoonfink.com) While this film is supposedly about Shrek – for whom the film is titled – but there is a stand out that sets Shrek on the sidelines. Puss in Boots is the ideal animated cat, portrayed as equal parts adorable and as tough and cool as cats usually think they are. He uses… Read More

This is more than just a good Christmas movie: This is a good cat movie. I like to think of the film as the story of Ambrose and Queenie – two adorable cats – as told through the eyes of their humans, Zachary and Marilee. On a surface level, it is another romantic comedy made… Read More