With a name like “Catwoman,” you probably expect the film to have some cats. I’m here to tell you that this movie does not disappoint. From the very beginning to the final scene, cats are dispersed throughout the film.

The introduction to the film – over which the credits roll – can often be a creative and fun sequence, or simply a nuisance standing in the way of the actual story. In this movie, it is most certainly the former: The intro is a collection of images of cats throughout history, from Egypt to Salem and everywhere in between. (Note: There is not depiction of cats being harmed) This segment is a great set up, letting the viewer know that you are, indeed, going to be seeing a film abundant with cats.

Most of the film has only a singular cat named Midnight. He seems to be a wise creature, and acts as a guide to Hallie Berry’s Patience. Rather than a person, he is the one to show up when she needs a push in the right direction. He is, as much as a cat can be, her mentor – her Gandalf or Dumbledore. Ultimately, he’s the kind of cat that more films could afford to have.

While Midnight can be seen throughout the film, encouraging its high rating in both quantity and quality, he is not the only cat. There are also a few scenes which feature a wealth of felines. They gather around Patience as she becomes the Catwoman. In one scene, Patience tries to return Midnight to his rightful owner. She, of course, is met by woman and house full of cats. The cats are drawn to her in a sequence that may make some cat fans just a little jealous. This abundance of cats adds to the film’s rating, guaranteeing its quantity (and quality) are at a 4.

There are a couple of segments of note that do not have cats. This is when, of course, it gets to the root of the drama of the story. However, these scenes still have a scattering of cat humor as Patience behaves more cat-like. There are puns and plays on maybe feline-themed words. While this may not feature cats directly, this is plenty enough to amuse a cat fan until the next feline is on screen.

Ultimately, while most review sites may give this film a low-rating, the feline front, this is one of the best. If you come for the cats, you won’t be disappointed.

Have you seen the film? Did you think the cats made it worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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