Keep in mind: This review is focused solely on the cat. Having said that, this movie doesn’t get a very high rating. I’m normally a sucker for a fluffy cat with a peke-face. As a little actor-kitty, the cat was freaking adorable. (The quality rating is only as high as it is partly because of this.) But as a character, Lucifer (the cat) was portrayed too villanous. There wasn’t anything that he did that a normal cat wouldn’t do, and yet, somehow, its actions were devious or at least rude.

Not only did they make him seem like he was evil, he was treated poorly by both the hero and the villains of the film. His owner, the stepmother in the movie, seems quick to push or pull him around. Cinderella (our supposed hero) also doesn’t speak too kindly of him, despite the fact that she treats basically any other animal in the film with more kindness.

Between that and the fact that it is only rarely in the film (it seems to disappear for most of the second half all together), it’s no surprise that it only gets a 1.75.

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