Ghost Cat4 Paws Rating
The first image you see in this movie is a gray and white cat. The cat is sitting on the top of a fence post, watching a man dressed all in black cutting the fence wire as a dog barks on the other side.

Natalie, a 14-year-old girl is moving to a new town with her father. They are about to look at a house owned by an older woman, Mrs. Ashcroft, shown to them by Mr. Boyd her nephew. When Natalie sees a cat in the window, she exclaims, “What a beautiful cat!” It’s the same cat that is in the first scene.

Mr Boyd explains, “That’s Margaret, my aunt’s baby.” He rolls his eyes at this statement, so you know he is a bad guy. He later tells them that Margaret once saved his aunt’s life when a fire started in their house. When Mrs. Ashcroft comes in, she explains that she doesn’t want to sell the house at all. Her nephew is trying to sell it and get the money.

Later, we see Mrs. Ashcroft sit down in a chair, holding Margaret. She closes her eyes and goes limp. A closeup of Margaret shows how sad she is.

When Natalie and her dad come back on the weekend to look at houses again, Natalie sees Margaret running across the road. Mr. Boyd stops their car and tells them that his aunt died, and they buried her on Wednesday. When Natalie asks about Margaret, the cat, Mr. Boyd says that Margaret died of a broken heart on the day of the funeral.

That sets the scene for the rest of the movie as Margaret’s ghost watches over a local farm animal shelter while evil land developers try to take it. She sees all their evil deeds as they try to sabotage the shelter. When necessary, she wakes up Natalie by licking her on the face and leads Natalie to where the animals need help.

This is a great little movie for cat lovers. The death is sad, so have a tissue handy, but the overall tone of the movie is one of optimism and hope in the face of death. All animals are shown in a loving, caring way.

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