Gifted Image of Fred3.5 Paws Rating
Mary Adler may be the “Gifted” child at the center of the story, but Fred is the real gift of this film. Who is Fred, you ask? He’s Mary’s one-eyed feline companion and delightful addition to this drama.

Fred is adorable, it’s true, but he is also so much more. The cat is magnificently intertwined in the story itself, making him more than just a fun companion, but an integral part of the movie. While most films either have a cat there simply because it’s cute (and there’s not problem with that), or have the entire plot based around them, Gifted finds a balance in the middle that works really well. Because of this balance, Fred is consistently seen and reference throughout the movie pretty regularly, giving this a high quantity.

Another way this balance plays in the movie is through the quality of the cat’s portrayal. Fred is an important part of Mary’s life. He’s her loving companion, and one of the things that keeps her youthful (despite her extreme intellect). As the story follows Mary and her uncle’s ups and downs, Fred gets to be there as a thing of joy. The only person in the film who doesn’t like Fred would be the antagonist – a woman who happens to be allergic to cats. If they hadn’t established her as the film’s opposition in any other way, that would have easily been enough. Everyone else – Mary in particular – loves Fred, which makes it fun to see him on the screen.

There are brief moments of worry and surprise involving the cat that, for the sake of the story, cannot be written here. All I will say is this: If you see this movie as a cat fan, you will not be disappointed.

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