While the main plot is about a girl who spies on people in her neighborhood, this review is about only one of those neighbors. This girl (Harriet) spies on an elderly man and his many, many cats. He’s the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady, for sure. It’s fun to see so many cats on screen, and it makes the viewer wish she would visit him inside, or at least watch him for a little longer.

However, Harriet spies on many people, making his few scenes very brief. This is the first problem a cat lover could find with the film. There end up being only really two scenes featuring the man’s lovely feline friends. This leaves the movie with only a 1.5 quantity rating, despite the amount of cats in one scene alone increasing its quantity. Without so many cats, this movie would get a 1.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

The quality of the cats is a complicated matter to judge. The man with the cats treats them well. He loves them as any cat fan would, and it is fun to see his tender relationship with them. But there’s a dark side to his story: Another man is attempting to have the cats removed from his loft — and succeeds. It’s the low point of the film when they’re gone, and we’re left seeing the older man alone in his house. This gives the quality a lower rating.

There’s one other scene with a cat, when this older man brings a new kitten home. It’s a moment of hope for the kitten, the man, and their future. While it doesn’t explain any questions about the other cats (Are they going to be okay? Did they get adopted by other humans?), it can leave a cat fan feeling a little better about things at the end.


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