Hocus Pocus is a difficult one to pin down for a review. In a sense, there isn’t really a cat in the movie. Instead, there is a boy who, by the witches in the film, gets turned into a cat. However, he is played by a real cat for most of the scenes in the film. Most feline fans will considered him cat enough, and will enjoy his role in the movie.

The cat, Thackery Binx, plays a consistent role in the movie. There are very few scenes between times that you see a cat. This makes it easily high in feline quantity, even though there’s only the one.

Binx is sort of the guide to the protagonists of the film, and very heroic as well. There are many times that he saves the day, bravely fighting the evil witches. And it’s always fun to see the cat playing the role of the wise sage in a film, and he’s an enjoyable one. This is one of the best aspects of the film and makes him a very delightful character.

This character is definitely one of the most complex cats around. A lot of sorrow follows Binx around. He lost his sister centuries before, and is far from everything he knew in his life as a human. This might make him a more difficult cat for some fans to watch.

Despite this, I consider him still a cat worthy of a decent rating. However, there’s one thing at the end of the film that lowers his rating:

All around, he’s a good film cat, full of wisdom and courage. He’s there throughout most of the movie. But he has a shadow of sorrow and tragedy that may leave some feline fans reconsidering watching this Halloween favorite.

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