Move over, Puss In Boots: There may be a new best animated cat. The kitty in “Home” is a complete scene-stealer. Pig (as the cat is called) is pudgy and adorable, both purring and playful in ways reminiscent of a real cat. Its cute moments throughout are a wonderful addition to the movie. Pig is kept safely away from the biggest of dangerous adventures that the heroes have, so you can rest assured that it will not only be fine, but likely doing something really cute at the same time.

This gets only a 3 in quantity for the above-mentioned moments. There are times that are focused on the aliens, or on the protagonists without the cat. However, it’s important to note that if you find yourself wondering, “But where’s the cat? What is he doing?” it is likely going to be coming back to the cat soon, making this a satisfying film to watch. (It also verges on receiving a 3.5 for this.) You’ll definitely leave the theatre wondering where you can get your hands on a plushie of this pet.

(Note: The cat is a boy, though is also a calico. While this may bother some cat people, I found I was able to look past this.)

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