When a film repeatedly reminds you that “cats rule and dogs drool,” it’s hard not to like it. When that movie also has a cat as cute as Sassy, it’s pretty easy to find it enjoyable from the beginning to the end. Sassy the cat is cute, proud, and talks just how you’d expect a cat to think. Though her two companions are both canines, she holds her own against them, often reminding them of her superiority. She is just all-around adorable.

The only reason this movie is not getting a 4 in quality is because there are moments which are a little worrisome for the cat. It might be a little troubling for some cat viewers. Also, the only other cat in the film is depicted as a villain. These two things combined lower its quality; however, Sassy’s confident attitude and fluffy appearance make it easy to forget that there was ever anything to worry about at all.

The film is a 4 in quantity for the continued presence of Sassy. There are occasional scenes with only the humans, but considering those sequences are brief and still focused on the animals, it never leaves you wanting to see more of Sassy. The movie will, however, make you want to have your own kitty right by your side.


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