In “Little Secrets” the main character, Emily, is very good at keeping secrets.  All the neighborhood kids line up to pay her to keep their secrets. Among these secrets is a very interesting one: One of the kids collects cats. The first two we see are these adorable kittens. They are absolutely cute, and you can see exactly why she would want them (even though her sister is allergic).

However, her secret takes a less pleasant turn: She starts stealing cats! From a cat lover’s perspective, her love of cats is a good thing. From a cat lover’s perspective, having a little girl stealing other people’s beloved pets is a very bad thing. So while cats are portrayed as being a thing people desire to be around, the situation itself takes away from the paws I would give this movie for quality of cat portrayal. Also, one scene shows the little girl with a net trying to catch a cat — that’s a no-no.

There are also only three brief scenes of cats — two of cute kittens, and the aforementioned (and less pleasant) net scene, giving this a low quantity paw count. So while the overall feeling of the movie is sweet, the cat portrayal leaves a bit to be desired.

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