Every year on the first Saturday of May, people flock to comic book stores to get their hands on the comics released exclusively for Free Comic Book Day. Unfortunately, usually these comics don’t really feature cats. (This year there’s an exception, and I highly recommend you pick up Grumpy Cat’s comic today!) So in honor of… Read More

(image source: http://gallery.raccoonfink.com) While this film is supposedly about Shrek – for whom the film is titled – but there is a stand out that sets Shrek on the sidelines. Puss in Boots is the ideal animated cat, portrayed as equal parts adorable and as tough and cool as cats usually think they are. He uses… Read More

(photo source: disney.wikia.com) While Big Hero 6 is about a group of friends who use science to form a band of super heroes, there is something else in the city of San Fransokyo that might catch the viewers attention: Cats. The cats in the movie, while each having brief occurrences, remain consistent throughout. (That is,… Read More

This is more than just a good Christmas movie: This is a good cat movie. I like to think of the film as the story of Ambrose and Queenie – two adorable cats – as told through the eyes of their humans, Zachary and Marilee. On a surface level, it is another romantic comedy made… Read More

If you only see one Christmas movie starring a cat, this is a good one. It’s easy to predict that a movie starring “Grumpy Cat” (real name: Tardar Sauce) will be pretty darn cute, but the actual product is probably better than you expected. Without even mentioning the general fun of the movie itself, Grumpy… Read More

This film noir classic features a lot of talk about cats and a lot of visual of cats both large and small. The plot centers around a Serbian immigrant woman, Irena, who thinks if she kisses a man or feels any strong emotion she will turn into a killer cat. She nevertheless marries an American… Read More

If you’re expecting an abundance of cats in this movie, it does more than deliver. Nearly every character in the film is a cat, and the few that are not are completely on the sidelines. There are sequences that are literally lines of cats and villages of cats – even a whole kingdom of cats.… Read More

While the main plot is about a girl who spies on people in her neighborhood, this review is about only one of those neighbors. This girl (Harriet) spies on an elderly man and his many, many cats. He’s the male equivalent of a crazy cat lady, for sure. It’s fun to see so many cats… Read More

The dogs most certainly win in “Cats and Dogs.” The canines are featured more prominently than the cats throughout the film. There are moments that can leave a cat fan saying, “but where are the cats?” For being listed first in the clearly misleading title, they are the lesser shown of the two species. Further… Read More

  There’s little better than seeing a well-loved cat. Few on screen seem more loved than the adorable feline in this film, Fat Louie. The protagonist of the film, Mia, has a hide out that she claims as belonging to both her and Louie. He’s both a prominent and highly appreciated part of her life,… Read More