There is only one part in this film that has a cat (hence the .5 quantity rating), but the way cats are treated is a doozy. The cat is seen as brave, not at all afraid of the mummy that has tormented the heroes and villains alike. Its courage is well-founded: The mummy of the… Read More

The cat in this movie (the beloved half-cat of the book, Crookshanks) is pretty cute, and well-behaved. However, the 2.25 rating is received simply because this cat is shown minimally, not given the time on screen that it deserves. (This includes the fact that some of the changes from book to film minimized the kitty’s… Read More

There is both a lot of cats in this one and yet not as many as there could be. This is because particular scenes – any in Hellboy’s living quarters – are full of cats. In the background of every shot there are at least two kitties, likely just sitting somewhere or eating some tuna… Read More

(Note: This film may also be known as “Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging”) This movie has a very cute cat, the titular Angus. If you like peke-faced cats in costumes, there are many scenes in this movie that you will talk about long after you’ve seen it. The cat goes for walks on a leash… Read More

This movie is as close to purrfection as it’s gonna get. It’s the best of cats, and just how you might want cats played in films. Every scene has a kitty cat portrayed either as adorable, or as tough as a kitty likely sees itself. Any bit of peril is played off lighter and does… Read More

I, Robot has a .5 in quantity of rating because the cat is only in one sequence (and a tiny bit at the end). It receives a 3 in quality because the cat is pretty darn adorable, and its random insert makes it a pleasant surprise. It does not receive a perfect 4 because the… Read More