More than any other MCU film, Captain Marvel knows how to advertise. It helps that it’s one of the few movies in the series that have the opportunity to sell what really matters: Cats.

Some background: In the comics, Captain Marvel/Carol Danvers has a cat named Chewie. It’s actually an alien creature called a flerken, which gives it some unique characteristics different from a cat. But her enough in common with a household feline, I feel comfortable calling her a cat. The recent teases of her presence in the film certainly should delight any feline fan.

The first tease: Captain Marvel released a poster that had a glimpse of the cat hidden in its corners.

Polygon has an extensive article on that easter egg. 

The Next Glimpse: Funko announced their line of Captain Marvel products, and gave us our first idea of what the cat would look like – and confirmed her name change to Goose:

The First Look: Now, with the release of the new Captain Marvel trailer, we have our first real peek of Goose!

Marvel Studios

They wait until the very end of the trailer to reveal her, a wise choice – leaving the best for the end. She gets her time to shine, proving herself to be a cat worth watching.

Here, we get to see a younger Nick Fury cooing over the cat, while Captain Marvel herself has to pull him away.

If his reaction to Goose isn’t relatable, then I don’t know what is.

This is the best way to get me excited for a film: The promise of a cute cat with the potential for a prominent role.

Who else is more excited than ever to see Captain Marvel? Is Goose as cute as you expected? Do you wish she was still named Chewie? Let me know in the comments below!

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