This is more than just a good Christmas movie: This is a good cat movie. I like to think of the film as the story of Ambrose and Queenie – two adorable cats – as told through the eyes of their humans, Zachary and Marilee. On a surface level, it is another romantic comedy made for Hallmark channel. But with the two cats included, this movie is much more enjoyable than your average TV movie.

The cats are a central part to the story, making them a prominent feature throughout. Unlike most movies, Ambrose and Queenie are important characters with their own roles to play, which gives them plenty of screen time. They are the reason these two character’s lives intertwine, and are even a driving factor in the decisions they make. The moment you might start to wonder about the cats, they are mentioned or featured again. Even when it’s not about the cats, cats are always mentioned. (Marilee, a vet student, always seems to be studying cats in particular.)

Almost better than the cats themselves are the way they are treated. The movie was obviously made by someone owned by a cat who knows how easily they win their way into your heart. Most characters express this sentiment in action or word. (When one character explains that they prefer dogs and he doesn’t understand cats, the wiser character states, “That’s because you never had one.“) In fact, the best way to identify the “villains” of this movie is to find the only people that don’t like cats. Everyone else in the film adores the cats as they should.

This movie is clearly made by cat people for cat people. If you want a feel-good film that will also have you smiling over the cuteness of cats, this is one to see. Though it’s a Christmas film, the cats are so cute you may find yourself wanting to watch it at any time of year.

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