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The film “Rock Dog” centers around a hero-worshipped rock ’n roll cat named Angus Scattergood. Some people might try to tell you that the movie’s star is the title character, a Tibetan Mastiff named Bodi who wants to join a rock band and rock out like his idol, Angus. They would be wrong. While Bodi does move the plot along, once Angus comes on the screen at about 30 minutes into the film, it’s all about the cat. Everyone in the city worships Angus as a rock diety.

When we first see him, Angus is suffering from writer’s block while trying to pen a new hit on a deadline. He’s been locked away in his mansion with only his faithful robot butler, Ozzie, as a companion for who knows how long. Bodi has been told (as a joke) that he needs to get lessons from Angus before he can join a band. When Bodi stands outside singing an original song, Angus sees his chance to get a hit song by letting Bodi “help” him write a song. Angus has clearly been isolated for too long, as many rock stars are, and is suffering without realizing it. Helping Bodi find his place in the rock world and the world helps Angus recapture his humanity (catity?) So though he may be a bit gruff at first, we see that he is really the hero that everyone thinks he is.

While he’s not your typical cat – and in some behaviors may seem closer to a human – it’s fun to see a cat being what they naturally are: Cool. Overall, it’s a great family film and great film for animal lovers of all ages.

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