The quality of this film – concerning cats and otherwise – should be easy to recognize from the pun-tastic title. This Christmas movie is all about the kittens. When Santa becomes incapacitated, it’s up to three kittens to transport all of the presents to the right homes – and boy, do they deliver.

Everything about this movie is centered around these kittens. It actually seems like the film makers set up the young felines in various Christmas scenes, let them play around a bit, and then based a movie around what they did. All of the humans in the motion picture are side players in comparison. The kittens are the entire focus of the film, which means the scenes without cats are few and far between in this movie.

As to be expected, the three kittens are adorable. They play and run around just as one would expect from kittens given toys and free reign. They do make the kittens talk, and while that could detract from their cuteness (depending on what they said), that doesn’t happen in this movie. There are also moments of cat peril, but they are so minimal that you are never worried enough for the film to lose any of its fun.

The only thing to lower its quality at all is a few of the human characters. Santa himself is allergic and thus afraid of the cats. Of course, if that was all, then that wouldn’t be so bad. However, the main boy’s mother doesn’t like the kittens (despite previously being a cat lover herself) and insists that they get rid of them. Furthermore, their neighbor inexplicably hates cats, and spends a side portion of the film trying to catch the kittens’ mom because he doesn’t like her. These strange bursts of cat-hate in an otherwise incredibly cat-friendly film can leave one a little disappointed, but not enough to stop you from waiting for the next cute kitten scene.

If you want a movie with minimal plot, but maximum cat and Christmas, this is an easy choice for you. Though there’s a little bit of cat loathing by some of the humans, it’s not enough to diminish the joy of watching these kittens. This film ultimately seems to be about enjoying cats playing in Christmas scenery, and it certainly doesn’t dissatisfy.

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