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While this film is supposedly about Shrek – for whom the film is titled – but there is a stand out that sets Shrek on the sidelines. Puss in Boots is the ideal animated cat, portrayed as equal parts adorable and as tough and cool as cats usually think they are. He uses adorable, heartwarming looks to get what he wants – a sight that will be instantly recognizable to any cat owner. However, he can quickly turn into the fierce fighter every cat believes itself to be. Both of these turns make it easy to watch him and recognize your own cat in his actions, and imagine that, could your cat talk, he would say the same things. Honestly, it makes it hard not to like the cute feline with the feathered hat, and it’s no surprise that he ended up getting a film of his own.
The start of the film is a little rough for a cat fan. It takes a little while to get to the point when Puss in Boots comes in. However, once he joins the team, he sticks around pretty consistently. Sure, there are a few scenes involving Shrek or Fiona (the supposed “stars” of the film) in which he can’t be found. But they are usually short enough that the movie can get back to Puss in Boots pretty quickly. Once he’s a part of the movie, Puss in Boots is around to stay, making the film fun for cat lovers through to the end.
Ultimately, Puss in Boots is (arguably) one of the cutest cats on film. He’s got a pretty big role in the film, and even though he is off screen some of the time, his time on screen is cute enough to counter it. If you want a movie with a decent amount of cat and an over abundance of cuteness, this is a good choice.
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