CW’s “Supergirl” is not known for featuring a lot of cats — but Monday night’s episode was a welcome surprise!

In “Legion of Super-Heroes,” we find Supergirl trapped in a coma. She spends the episode in her subconscious, which looks exactly like the loft where she lives. Unable to leave the loft – and consequently wake up from her coma – Supergirl has a revelation: her subconscious is trying to tell her something.

As Supergirl looks around her loft to figure out what it is she is meant to notice, her eyes land on a picture of herself from when she was young, with her favorite childhood pet: a beautiful black cat named Streaky!

Supergirl finds an old picture of herself with an old friend.

As Supergirl recalls meeting the cat, she looks up and joyfully sees it sitting on a chair in front of her! Supergirl spends the rest of the scene cuddling and petting her cat as she recalls how much it meant to her when she was younger.

Supergirl petting Streaky.

It seems likely this one episode is all we will see of Streaky, but could this be just a hint of more to come? In the DC comics, Streaky was an ordinary cat that got powers and eventually joined the Legion of Super-Pets!

Maybe next time we see Streaky he will be flying across the sky of National City alongside Supergirl!

DC Comics Streaky was an orange tabby – and a superhero! source

… Ok, Supergirl will most likely never add a super cat to its roster, but the brief glimpse of Streaky in last night’s episode keeps the dream alive for now.

Comics Streaky could be a bit silly sometimes. source

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