Keep in mind: This review is focused solely on the cat. Having said that, this movie doesn’t get a very high rating. I’m normally a sucker for a fluffy cat with a peke-face. As a little actor-kitty, the cat was freaking adorable. (The quality rating is only as high as it is partly because of… Read More

This one gets a lower rating for two main reasons: The cat in the film has maybe what you could call two very brief scenes, the first in which a person passes it happily eating. In the second scene, it is a tense scene in which leaves the viewer concerned that the cat might have… Read More

I, Robot has a .5 in quantity of rating because the cat is only in one sequence (and a tiny bit at the end). It receives a 3 in quality because the cat is pretty darn adorable, and its random insert makes it a pleasant surprise. It does not receive a perfect 4 because the… Read More