If you only see one Christmas movie starring a cat, this is a good one. It’s easy to predict that a movie starring “Grumpy Cat” (real name: Tardar Sauce) will be pretty darn cute, but the actual product is probably better than you expected. Without even mentioning the general fun of the movie itself, Grumpy… Read More

If you want a more mature film with a strong feline presence, this is the one to see. This movie gets the rating it does mainly for one reason: We’re counting Catwoman as a cat. If you are unfamiliar with this sequel to the original Batman movie, it’s important that you know that Catwoman is… Read More

It’s seems appropriate that a film called “A Cat in Paris” would feature a lot of the cat. And true to its name, the cat (Dino) is in almost every scene. There are a few moments here and there when the cat is not present, but those moments seem to go by quickly in this… Read More

If you’re a fan of cats, this movie likely will appeal to you simply from the name itself. And it does not disappoint. Each cat is fun to watch, and each is such an individual that no matter what kind of cat you have, you’re likely to find one that matches the kind you like.… Read More

(Note: This film may also be known as “Angus, Thongs, and Full-frontal Snogging”) This movie has a very cute cat, the titular Angus. If you like peke-faced cats in costumes, there are many scenes in this movie that you will talk about long after you’ve seen it. The cat goes for walks on a leash… Read More

This movie is as close to purrfection as it’s gonna get. It’s the best of cats, and just how you might want cats played in films. Every scene has a kitty cat portrayed either as adorable, or as tough as a kitty likely sees itself. Any bit of peril is played off lighter and does… Read More