If you only see one Christmas movie starring a cat, this is a good one. It’s easy to predict that a movie starring “Grumpy Cat” (real name: Tardar Sauce) will be pretty darn cute, but the actual product is probably better than you expected. Without even mentioning the general fun of the movie itself, Grumpy… Read More

  There’s little better than seeing a well-loved cat. Few on screen seem more loved than the adorable feline in this film, Fat Louie. The protagonist of the film, Mia, has a hide out that she claims as belonging to both her and Louie. He’s both a prominent and highly appreciated part of her life,… Read More

If you want a more mature film with a strong feline presence, this is the one to see. This movie gets the rating it does mainly for one reason: We’re counting Catwoman as a cat. If you are unfamiliar with this sequel to the original Batman movie, it’s important that you know that Catwoman is… Read More

It’s seems appropriate that a film called “A Cat in Paris” would feature a lot of the cat. And true to its name, the cat (Dino) is in almost every scene. There are a few moments here and there when the cat is not present, but those moments seem to go by quickly in this… Read More

Keep in mind: This review is focused solely on the cat. Having said that, this movie doesn’t get a very high rating. I’m normally a sucker for a fluffy cat with a peke-face. As a little actor-kitty, the cat was freaking adorable. (The quality rating is only as high as it is partly because of… Read More

There are few things I like more than seeing a cat being appreciated. This movie provides that pleasure. The cat’s owner even treats it to a can of tuna, claiming she “spares no expense.” Then, once done with the food, she proceeds to snuggle the cat, and it seems to enjoy it. It’s a delight… Read More

If you’re a fan of cats, this movie likely will appeal to you simply from the name itself. And it does not disappoint. Each cat is fun to watch, and each is such an individual that no matter what kind of cat you have, you’re likely to find one that matches the kind you like.… Read More

The cat in the movie isn’t prominent for a lot of the film, making this rank a 2 in quantity. However, this cat shines in each of its scenes. (The best is one scene in which the cat gets to play a fun game with a flashlight.) This movie probably would get a perfect 4… Read More

This one gets a lower rating for two main reasons: The cat in the film has maybe what you could call two very brief scenes, the first in which a person passes it happily eating. In the second scene, it is a tense scene in which leaves the viewer concerned that the cat might have… Read More

There is only one part in this film that has a cat (hence the .5 quantity rating), but the way cats are treated is a doozy. The cat is seen as brave, not at all afraid of the mummy that has tormented the heroes and villains alike. Its courage is well-founded: The mummy of the… Read More