“That Darn Cat!” is a movie for every cat lover.

It begins by following the cat, a beautiful chocolate point siamese with bright blue eyes, prowling around his neighborhood, taunting a dog in one yard, stealing food after sneaking into the next house. One place he wanders into happens to be the apartment of two bank robbers who have kidnapped a teller and plan to kill her in the near future. The hostage takes the opportunity to replace the cat’s collar with her watch after attempting to scratch the word “help” on the back. She only gets the “H” and the “E” and part of the “L” before the bank robbers come into the room. However, as we see, that is enough to excite the attention of the cat’s principle guardian, a teenaged girl named Patti.

When the cat returns home to Patti, we find out that his name is DC, which stands for “Darn Cat” as her father calls him, “or a worse name, but mother won’t let him say it.” Patti notices the watch and the inscription on the back and notifies the FBI.

Most of the rest of the movie revolves around various FBI agents trying to track DC’s movements at night to see which houses he visits in an attempt to find out where the teller is being held. Some scenes are hilarious such as one where the main agent tries to paw print DC (whom the FBI refers to as “The Informant.”) And another where DC wanders into a drive in theater on his meandering strolls.

DC is in nearly every scene in the movie and is shown to be inventive, clever, and affectionate to people who are friendly to him. This movie is highly recommended for cat lovers everywhere.

Have you seen the movie? What did you think of DC? Let us know in the comments below!

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