If you’re expecting an abundance of cats in this movie, it does more than deliver. Nearly every character in the film is a cat, and the few that are not are completely on the sidelines. There are sequences that are literally lines of cats and villages of cats – even a whole kingdom of cats. This movie is so full of cats, it’s almost overwhelming, but like a dream come true.

What makes the movie even better is just how cute that cats are. Even though they are sometimes bipedal, it’s pretty easy to find one that reminds you of your own cat. They are a perfect combination of being human enough to carry the story while still maintaining enough cat qualities to make it remain a story about cats. This is a family-friendly film that will delight cat lovers of all ages.

There are a few concerns about the movie, most of which stem from the fact that nearly everyone in the movie is a cat. The antagonist of the film is a cat, and is a poor representation of real cats. But given that everyone who interacts with him is also a cat (and much more adorable), it makes it easy to ignore. There is also a little bit of cat-on-cat violence, which can be a little sad to watch. However, all cats ultimately seem unharmed or permanently hurt.

One problem is with the protagonist, who at the start of the film is a human, and throughout the movie is slowly turning into a cat. She acts like this is a bad thing. Like this isn’t her chance to achieve a higher state of being.

However, the sheer number of cute cats throughout the film counters any of these complaints. You can gift this film to any cat fan and rest assured that they will enjoy it, even if they’ve never seen it before. As a cat fan, you will want to return to the Cat Returns again and again.

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