There’s little better than seeing a well-loved cat. Few on screen seem more loved than the adorable feline in this film, Fat Louie. The protagonist of the film, Mia, has a hide out that she claims as belonging to both her and Louie. He’s both a prominent and highly appreciated part of her life, having cat trees and toys galore. Louie himself is cute, and though he is big (hence the nick name “Fat” Louie), he doesn’t even look obese. He’s just big and cute, with large eyes, observing the adventures of his owner. With his behavior and treatment in the film, this easily gets 4 paws for quality.

The quantity of Louie, however, leaves something to be desired. The film goes without showing him for unfortunately lengthy amounts of time. You may find yourself wondering what Louie is doing, or where he is at the time that the protagonist is doing various things. It would be easy to find a way to insert him into more scenes, but for some reason the film makers seem to think that unimportant. Ultimately, though, when he is on screen, he’s given plenty of attention – and actually given a role fairly important to the story.

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