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Midnight, Texas


When you look at this image, what do you see? If you’re like me, it’s probably the cat that happens to be perfectly in the center of the image.

Mr. Snuggles in


That’s Mr. Snuggles, one member of the ensemble of NBC’s new show “Midnight, Texas.” The series is about a town that’s a safe haven for those who are different. (Hence the man with the wings whom you may have also noticed in the picture.) The cat is among those different because he’s able to talk. Outside of that, he’s currently still quite a mystery. (Except probably for those who have read the book series.)

Here’s what we do know about Mr. Snuggles:

  • According to Deadline, he’s (unsurprisingly) a scene-stealer. One cast member went so far as to call him “the Don Cheadle of the show.”
  • In the book series, he was called Mr. Snuggly. It’s unclear why they have apparently changed the name, but I get the feeling we’ll like him just the same either way. Also, based on the reviews I’ve seen, he’s a highlight in the books, too.
  • He talks. How they produce the talking isn’t entirely clear. It could be partial use of an animatronic cat (like Salem in “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”) or simply by a voice over, à la “Homeward Bound.” However, based on the image, it seems that they will be using CG effects to make him talk.
  • He is played by a real cat. His name is Bob. While fully CG cats can be great, the real thing is even better. This makes Mr. Snuggles an even more promising addition to television.

“Midnight, Texas” premieres July 25th.  Will you be tuning in to see Mr. Snuggles debut?

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