Written by Carianne Steinman

San Diego Comic-Con is coming up this week. The large gathering is full of exclusive goodies and previews for comics, games, television, and movies. It describes itself as a “celebration of popular arts,” and anyone who goes can confirm this is true.
Like any gathering involving the pop culture, cats are bound to pop up. Comic-Con is no different. But with so many exhibits and booth vying for your attention, how do you know which one has cats? We’re here to help you out. Below is a list of every booth we could find selling cat-themed products. Check them out!
(Note: Scroll to the bottom to see a map of where they’re all located!)


Symbiote Studios – #5636

Symbiote Studios is bringing Catnip Bravo to their booth. Compete in a game of rock paper scissors with Catnip to win one of a plethora of a Catnip Bravo-related prizes! (They’re also available for sale, so stop buy with some cash handy, too!)

Meet and battle Catnip Bravo at booth 5636!


The Ninjabot – L-08

The husband and wife team at the Ninjabot are bringing some of their fun “Pop Cat” artwork to Comic-Con, featuring cats dressed up as characters from popular films and video games! (Not featured in the image: A Clockwork Orange and Mass Effect.)


You can find these at small press booth L-08!


Mixtape Comics – #1135

The maker of delightful Frankie Comics (which we’ve praised before) is coming to Comic-Con. Naturally, she’ll be bringing her plushies, prints and other Frankie items to enjoy (along with other cat related items. This is a booth not to be missed by cat fans.

You can find Frankie at booth 1135!


Jenny Parks Illustrations – #708

The illustrations created by Jenny Parks are a mix of characters from film and television turned into cats. Her work is such a great combo of cats, that we decided to talk to her about it before. Expect this booth to be popular, and worth checking out.

Illustrations like these can be found at booth #708!


Katie Can Draw – HH-17

Katie is an illustrator and comic artist that works on a variety of pieces, but seems to like to bring cats into the picture as often as possible. That must be the reason she’s bringing this special limited edition pin to Comic-Con:

To get this pin (and more great art,) check out booth HH-17!


Kymera Press – #2003

This is one place where you can get a legitimate and entertaining comic about cats: Pet Noir. It’s worth the read, and worth looking for this booth.

Get Pet Noir and more at booth 2003 in the Independent Press pavilion!


Cool Cat Blue – #1330

Cool Cat Blue is a collection of illustrations and animations of a super hero robot cat. It’s cute, quirky, and good for fans of cats that are looking for something unique and different.

You can find Cool Cat Blue at #1330!

BAIT – #5146

This company is bringing some collectible Felix the Cat figurines to their booth – a fine exclusive for fans of the feline.

Get Felix the Cat at booth 5146!


Bored Inc. – #609

This company designs many different kinds of characters in a cute style. They’ve taken Comic-Con as an opportunity to introduce a new character – AfroCat!

Be the first to get AfroCat at booth 609!


Still need help finding these booths? Check out the paw prints on our map below:


(Click for a higher resolution map)


Which of these purr-fect items are you going to get? Let us know in the comments below!

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